Moving on up

Celebrating talent at BiP

At BiP we are focused on nurturing and developing our talent. Looking after our colleagues and ensuring they have the right development path in front of them is one of our goals to make this a great place to work.

We’re delighted to share the continued success of this professional development as several of our colleagues have cemented their role or moved up in the business over the last quarter.

We’re really pleased to see Ryan Maloney move into his new role of Product Owner, supporting the development of our future services. Having originally joined BiP as a Software Developer we are delighted to be able to support Ryan’s development with the move into our Product team.

Within our Events Development Team, Mhairi MacNeil progresses from the role of Event Support to Event Coordinator.

Mhairi’s promotion arrives as she approached her first-year anniversary at BiP and is well deserved for all of her hard work in this time.

Another colleague, Laure McGill will also be joining the Events team, moving from her current role within our Research team. Having originally joined BiP in 2017 as part of our Modern Apprentice programme, it is great to see Laure’s continued development at BiP.

Our Events team is a fast-paced environment with plenty going on as we delve into our season of procurement and supply chain focused live events and awards nights.

Laure’s development from Modern Apprentice demonstrates that BiP is committed to providing opportunities in support of government schemes. The company has been part of the Government’s Kick Start Scheme since 2021, designed to provide opportunities for 16- to 24-year-olds on Universal Credit who are at risk of long-term unemployment.

As part of the scheme, BiP brought Ariadna Raducanu on board last year, and we’re delighted to announce that she has now moved on to a permanent contract with the business.

Alan Mathie. HR Director commented: “Having originally joined BiP under the Kick Start scheme, it’s great to have Ariadna remain with the business and we know she’ll be great in the new role, supporting the delivery of our wider Data strategy”

A spotlight on…Simon Inman

This month finds our spotlight back on Media City and part of our Senior Management Team, as we have a chat with Simon Inman, our Head of IT Operations.

Simon was a fairly new face to the old Ingenium business when BiP Solutions bought the company. He has since made himself an invaluable part of the team – and not least because he keeps the Media City office in coffee and loo roll! (We’re very grateful, Simon!)

He’s also an i-serve master and knows how to fix computer problems with witchcraft – he tells me it’s a ‘picnic’ issue?

Simon was also a winner at this year’s annual awards, coming joint ‘Manager of the Year’ – a popular and well-deserved choice for this accolade.

In what capacity did you join BiP?

I joined BiP on the first day back from Christmas of 2017, in a cosy, unglamorous office in Stockport as “Web Development Manager”, with a team of just me. Although it felt like I’d already been there some time after having my interview a few months prior and stealing Donnys ticket to attend the Christmas party.

What does your job as Head of IT Operations entail?

This month finds our spotlight back on Media City and part of our Senior Management Team, as we have a chat with Simon Inman, our Head of IT Operations.

Simon Inman, Head of IT Operations at BiP.

My role at BiP covers our network infrastructure, desktop support, Cyber Essentials, and our organisation’s quality and information security management. My team and I ensure our products remain live and on modern, secure systems, our colleagues have the technology and support to do their jobs and that our organisation is continuing to improve with effective quality management.

I also change the odd toilet seat, which I like to roll out at dinner parties when my partner’s trying to impress people.

With IT and software changing before I can comprehend them, what major developments do you think are on the horizon?

IT and software are growing massively every day, with offensive and defensive developments in information and cyber security but also in more at home areas like artificial intelligence. The growth of AI, is beginning to take away manual effort and user error from many everyday tasks and we will see this really take off to automated intelligent workflows, predictive services supporting report and content writing and even intelligent defences. Roll on Skynet!

Are there any changes or initiatives you’d like to implement into BiP?

We’ve changed so much in the past couple of years and are in such a better place than when I joined Ingenium, we have our innovation day coming up and I think if we’re really able to grow that, it could be spectacular.

When are you at your most productive?

Definitely at the start of the day after a couple of coffees.

What’s your favourite thing to do outside of work?

Swift half with Stephen Donlan (DCMC) to break up our magical commute, catch up on any of the days gossip, or just simply talk about the up-and-coming town of Stockport. That, or I’ll be often found on away missions with some chums drinking Romulan ale. So… In the pub or in a different pub.

Quick fire:

  1. Joggers or Jeans – Jeans
  2. Ties or T-shirts – Ties
  3. Coffee or tea – Coffee
  4. Lager or ale – Ale
  5. Book or film – Film
  6. Football or rugby – Rugby
  7. Cat or dog – Cat
  8. Hot or cold – Cold
  9. Salty or sweet – Salty
  10. Tattooed or not – Tattooed
  11. Night out or night in – Night in
  12. Janeway or Picard – Janeway

Celebrating disruption as BiP hosts first Innovation Day

Last week (Friday 5th August), BiP Solutions held its first ever “Innovation Day”. The day was dedicated to providing staff with the chance to collaborate, disrupt old ways and create something new to help address problems and improve performance and productivity within the company, as well as improving services to customers.

Staff were invited beforehand to submit ideas for problems and processes they wanted to improve and ideas for addressing those issues. Many great ideas were put forward, and after much debate and deliberation, three areas were chosen to focus on for the day:

  • Developing a product to improve Cyber Essentials processing and increase integration with Salesforce
  • Finding ways of enabling staff to evidence their achievements throughout the year, record performance reviews and track career progression
  • Attempt to create a content aggregator to collect news around B2G marketing or innovation in the Public Sector from different sources automatically

New Ideas

Teams were assigned to work on and present new and innovative solutions to address each of the challenges, from conception through to a basic implementation of a product. The aim of was to find the origin of a brilliant idea for a future BiP internal app or customer facing product.

The day flew by and was a great success as everyone involved threw themselves into the day and took the opportunity to ideate and develop new ideas for improving their working process and the customer experience.


Innovation Day was the brainchild of BiP’s Head of Software engineering (and resident wine connoisseur) Alvaro Sanchez, who explained the reasoning and inspiration for the day:

“I’ve worked on similar days like this before at previous companies, but they tended to be more technically-focused, so we wanted to focus this day on product development, which would allow more areas of the company to get involved, and make it more fun.”

“We also wanted to give staff the chance to work on different projects from their usual day-to-day work, and enable staff from teams who wouldn’t always work closely with each other to collaborate and pool their knowledge and experience to create new ideas and solutions, and allow them to play with technology, try different things, new frameworks and new approaches.”

“It was a really good day, everyone had a lot of fun and were very passionate about the improvements they wanted to make. We’ll definitely look to do this again in the future, maybe even expand it to a week or a month to allow more time for people to develop their ideas in more detail and gives us more margin to change approach, but I’m very happy with how the day went.”

Alvaro Sanchez, Head of Software Engineering

Future innovation

Going forward, BiP’s technical brains will use the key findings and insights from Innovation Day to further develop those ideas generated and turn them into finished products, keeping BiP at the cutting edge of technical innovation.

Thanks again to everyone who organised and took part in the event, and we can’t wait to do it all again soon.

A spotlight on: Courtney McCusker

This month we say hello to one of our newer employees based in Glasgow HQ.

Courtney McCusker joined BiP as part of our HR department earlier in 2022, working alongside HR Director Alan Mathie.

In what capacity did you join BiP? What did your previous job entail?

I joined BiP as a HR Advisor, my previous role was HR Coordinator for an Energy Company.

Why did you choose to join BiP?

I chose BiP as after my three (yes three!) meetings with Alan I got a nice feel for the place. It seemed like a really nice place to work, and I wasn’t wrong! Everyone has been lovely, and I feel like I have been here forever already 😊.

Also, stability was a big thing for me due to losing my previous job when the company unfortunately collapsed. So, I am here for the long run…

How has your BiP journey been so far? Is there anything we could do differently to welcome new colleagues?

I am loving it so far, three months down the line and I still want to come back every day, haha! Honestly though, I am enjoying every minute and still learning new things every day which is keeping me on my toes. At this point I wouldn’t change anything.

This month we say hello to one of our newer employees based in Glasgow HQ. Courtney McCusker

Courtney living her best life in Hoi An – Vietnam

Can you sum up what your job involves?

My role involves being first point of contact for dealing with all HR queries, managing the HR system with any updates, compliance, new starts, leavers etc. I also support with the delivery of Talent Acquisition so any CV’s interviews, job offers etc.

The BiP One Programme is also a main part of my role so the overall engagement with the wider business is something I work on daily.

How is working at BiP different to your previous roles (company and position)?

It is very different. My previous position allowed me to build a lot of knowledge and experience around dealing with complex HR queries that I maybe wouldn’t have been able to do elsewhere, so now I am at BiP I am learning a whole new side to HR that I am loving.

When are you at your most productive?

Definitely the morning.

What’s your favourite thing to do outside of work?

Being in a different country, eating nice food and drinking nice wine

Quick fire:

  1. Football or rugby – Neither (football if I HAD to choose)
  2. Cat or dog – Dog
  3. Hot or cold – Hot
  4. Joggers or Jeans – Jeans
  5. Ties or T-shirts – T-shirts
  6. Coffee or tea – Coffee
  7. Lager or ale – Neither sorry!
  8. Book or film – Film
  9. Salty or sweet – Sweet
  10. Tattooed or not – Not
  11. Night out or night in. – Night in

Biggest-ever P4H England a huge success

With a major shake-up of the NHS being implemented just a few days previously ‒ as Integrated Care Systems went live ‒ P4H England 2022 was sure to have plenty of talking points, and it certainly did not disappoint.

One of the largest gatherings of healthcare procurement professionals that P4H has ever hosted, this year’s event was a huge success.

After two years of limited face-to-face meetings, P4H England bounced back with people delighted to be meeting up again and some experiencing their very first procurement event.

The mood across the exhibition hall was incredibly positive, with delegates, exhibitors and speakers enjoying a full day of knowledge sharing, innovation and best practice.

Change & resilience

Change, resilience, social value and sustainability were key talking points across the whole arena.

The Keynote Arena was standing room only for every one of our speakers, while both the Procurement Skills and Supply Chain & Innovation Zones were also busy all day, with delegates learning about tendering in the healthcare sector and how procurement is changing across the sector.

We were delighted to welcome speakers from across the NHS and the Health Care Supply Association (HCSA) to our keynote stage, which was hosted by Chair Alyson Brett, Chief Executive Officer, NHS Commercial Solutions, who commented: “The NHS is going through a period of incredible challenge and transformation as we wrestle with the ongoing effects of the pandemic, supply chain vulnerabilities, structural change and rising costs.

“But adversity is a powerful driver of progress and there are exciting opportunities ahead of us too.

“If Covid has taught us anything it is that we are incredibly resilient and can overcome any obstacle or barrier in our path.”

Hitting targets

The opening address was given jointly by David Williams, Director of Procurement, NHS England and NHS Improvement, and Preeya Baillie, Director of Procurement Transformation and Commercial Delivery, NHS England and NHS Improvement, who both talked to a packed house about sustainability and resilience within the NHS supply chain, current legislation changes, and the lessons learned from the pandemic.

Andy Windsor, Commercial Director at NHS Supply Chain, also held a popular session, discussing how NHS Supply Chain is critical to delivering value for the NHS, which will result in better patient outcomes. He was followed by Keith Rowley, Managing Director, NOE CPC & Chief Officer, Health Care Supply Association, who gave an interesting insight into the view from the NHS Procurement Profession, and learning to adapt and change to a new procurement regime as the Procurement Bill is introduced.

Delivering efficiencies

While the world listened to a certain resignation speech, the delegates at P4H were fully focused on the session hosted by Simon Walsh, Group Procurement Director & Joint GM Procurement Lead, Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust and what he had to say about NHS procurement and how top-quality procurement and trained staff can help deliver efficiencies and savings.

Interest did not wane as we introduced our final speakers of the day, as the arena remained crowded. Michelle McCann, Director for Sustainability at NHS London Procurement Partnership, focussed on tackling sustainability within the procurement arena and the NHS journey to net zero ‒ an increasingly important part of the NHS ‒ and about how suppliers can help achieve these ambitions.

Finally, Liam Horkin, Head of Clinical Procurement with East Suffolk North Essex NHS Foundation Trust, who talked about the impact procurement can have on the NHS, patients and staff.

Officially supported by NHS Supply Chain

P4H England is officially supported by NHS Supply Chain. Visitors to the NHS Supply Chain Pavilion met with NHS Supply Chain representatives to learn more about the work they do and how organisations can supply to the healthcare sector. The Pavilion, as always, was incredibly popular, with many delegates keen to know the latest procurement opportunities and tendering best practice.

NHS Supply Chain manages the sourcing, delivery and supply of healthcare products, services and food for NHS trusts and healthcare organisations across England and Wales.

Skills & learning

Another huge draw on the day was our skills and learning zones, where experts provided invaluable advice on tendering in healthcare. Phil Kinnell, Senior Procurement Consultant, PASS Procurement and Eddie Regan, Principal Consultant, PASS Procurement, hosted several sessions which will help suppliers put together more attractive bids.

Specialised sessions on social value and sustainability were also held. Social value is becoming more important within public sector procurement, while improving sustainability across suppliers will help the NHS achieve its net zero ambitions.

Sustainable supply chain

Martin Toomey, Sustainability Manager for NHS Supply Chain, held a popular session on delivering a sustainable supply chain. Later on, we saw Stuart Watkins, Health Strategy Manager at Crown Commercial Service, talk about taking a pragmatic approach to securing sustainability outcomes through procurement?

Exhibitors in our Product Showcase area were kept busy throughout the day, showcasing innovations and solutions to a stream of visitors. The showcase provided an invaluable opportunity to engage and develop new and existing partnerships with a wealth of leading suppliers who are actively delivering a diverse range of innovative products and services that can support both current and future procurement requirements.

The sheer range of suppliers and innovations available for the healthcare market is a good indicator of the volume and diversity of opportunities available within the market.

For more information on P4H and to register your interest for next year click here.

A spotlight on: Alvaro Sanchez

This month we turn our spotlight on Head Office to hear from Alvaro Sanchez, who has recently been promoted to Head of Software Engineering.

Buenos dias, Alvaro, voy a probar mis idiomas!

I’m getting there, but I’m not quite up to conducting interviews in Spanish just yet!

First up, what we all need to know, is why did Alvaro turn his back on Madrid for sunny Glasgow?

I came to Glasgow in February 2016 to help setting up a brand-new software development team in a new office opened by the consultancy company I was working for. It was initially a temporary collaboration (9 months), but after 6 years I am still here (living the Scottish dream 😊).

When did your BiP journey begin?

February 2021

In what capacity did you start? Why did you join BiP? Why did you stay?

I started as a Software Development Manager.

After talking in the interview with Graham McMath and Damien Freel, they convinced me that BiP was the right move for me at that moment…. And they were right, I am very happy being here. I have a great relationship with everyone in the team, my supervisors and the company really care about me, and I feel valued.

For us non-technical people, could you sum up what your job involves?

A Software Development Manager is a role that supports the software development team and help them to progress their careers, scale, apply continuous improvement, and help them with other things related with the way we work in the technical side of things.

My job involves many different things, but my responsibilities are basically to manage everything related to the software development team, recruitment, technology decisions with regards our products, internal training, knowledge management, and other technical initiatives.

You’ve been very involved in the development of HCI, what sort of challenges have you seen in its development?

The main challenges the team found were related to the difficulties of building a brand-new product from scratch, some technical difficulties related to the additional analytic capabilities added and data.

What has helped you overcome these challenges?

Team effort did. Everyone involved worked really hard to make HCI a reality, and when I say “really hard” I actually meant it, it is incredible how the team has committed and pushed to put this new platform out the line.

How do you see the future of artificial intelligence developing in BiP?

I see some interesting use cases for artificial intelligence and machine learning applications in our products. The most immediate one I think can be the usage of machine learning for connecting our customers to the most relevant information, using AI for pattern detection to improve results and show high-quality relevant results based on the customer profile.

When are you at your most productive?

Mornings, I always have been a morning person.

What’s your favourite thing to do outside of work?

Spend time with my son.

Quick fire:

  1. Joggers or Jeans – Jeans
  2. Ties or T-shirts – Surprisingly I am more for ties now, I am getting older though
  3. Coffee or tea – Coffee
  4. Lager or ale – Lager
  5. Book or film – Definitely books, I always have been kind of a compulsive reader
  6. Football or rugby – Football. Particularly – Atletico de Madrid 😊
  7. Cat or dog – Any (sorry!)
  8. Hot or cold – Hot and water (swimming pool, beach or lake/loch are fine)
  9. Salty or sweet – Sweet
  10. Tattooed or not – Not tattooed
  11. Night out or night in – Usually night in, but I have to say that I never say no to a good dinner out with its correspondent bottle of wine (preferably Spanish or Italian)

New staff hatch from incubator

Following a four-week nurture process, we’re delighted to see new colleagues Ciaran, Dave, and James complete their BiP induction and hatch out into the Business Intelligence sales team.

Our new team members have undergone an initial induction to the company, combining sales and product training. The public sector marketplace is a huge beast to get to grips with and BiP is working hard to ensure every team member has a good understanding of the public sector landscape, how it’s changing, and how we can help with procurement and tendering.

Comprehensive training

Comprehensive training has been delivered to the new team members on their product – Tracker – ensuring that they have a full overview of its benefits and services and understand the system completely before demonstrating it to customers.

New staff hatch from incubator

Ciaran, Dave, and James.

As well as dedicated time with head of training ‒ Colin Stewart ‒ the new ‘onboarding’ approach has also been actively supported by a number of stakeholders from across the business, who provided an overview of their products/marketplace and how the jigsaw of BiP’s holistic services fits together.

Team leaders, senior key account managers, product owners and researchers have all been involved in sharing their knowledge with the new team members, providing invaluable insight into the company.

Colin Stewart, Sales and Product Trainer, said: “These were invaluable sessions, and I would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone for their engagement.”

Following each module, the new team members successfully completed assessments, returning great scores in each.

Incubate and integrate

Colin continued: “The group have responded really well to the training and have been engaged and enthusiastic throughout the initial weeks. All are now on the phones and putting it all into practice.

“The next phase is an incubation on the sales floor working through leads to engage our customers and secure demonstrations of Tracker Intelligence before their integration into the Team.”

There’s still lots to learn for our new team members and the training process will be ongoing, as procurement never stands still! Big changes are on the horizon, which were outlined in the Government’s Procurement Green Paper ‘Transforming Public Procurement’.  These will overhaul the public sector procurement process and BiP will be able to guide you through these new challenges.

Brilliantly innovatively People

BiP is committed to investing in new colleagues and ensuring they are nurtured through their initial employment, while incumbent staff benefit from regular knowledge sessions and updates from the procurement training team.

We’re dedicated to developing our Brilliantly innovatively People!

Spotlight On: Vivien Chan

This month our spotlight falls on Media City again as we talk with one of our newer faces, Vivien Chan.

Vivien joined BiP as part of our DCMC and Cadence Marketing services in August 2021, she has quickly established herself as a vital part of the survey team – bringing some great new ideas and problem solving skills, along with some amazing baking skills and Chinese dumplings to the team!

She was also nominated for our New Employee of the Year award – a thoroughly deserved nomination.

In what capacity did you start at BiP?

Research Executive

What did your previous job entail?

Project management – meaning I had to be organised and detail minded, with a good pair of eyes!

Why did you choose to join BiP?

I like the market proposition of Cadence and it’s good that I can continue working in a research related job role.

This month our spotlight falls on Media City again as we talk with one of our newer faces, Vivien Chan.

Vivien Chan, Research Executive at Cadence.

How has your BiP journey been so far?

Exciting, I’ve been working with various clients on different research topics, and I’ve been given great the support by all my lovely colleagues.

Is there anything we could do differently to welcome new colleagues?

A team welcome tea break in the pantry? ​​​​​​​

Can you sum up what your job involves?

Understanding a client’s research needs, and transforming that into a survey which will engage the target audience. Then it’s a case of analysing that data collected and turning it into a meaningful research report/whitepaper for the client.

How is working at BiP different to your previous roles (company and position)?

In terms of the target audience, it is quite different. In my previous role, the projects were more related to commercial/consumers/employees. Now it is more focused on public sector audiences.

When are you at your most productive?

Morning time is the best.

What’s your favourite thing to do outside of work?

Baking, cooking and enjoying delicious food!

Quick fire:

  1. Joggers or Jeans – Jeans
  2. Dresses or T-shirts – T-shirts
  3. Coffee or tea – Coffee
  4. Lager or ale – neither – cider please if you’re buying!
  5. Book or film – film
  6. Football or rugby – neither, haha
  7. Cat or dog – cat
  8. Hot or cold – hot
  9. Salty or sweet – sweet
  10. Tattooed or not – not
  11. Night out or night in – night in

The power of procurement ‒ GO Awards 2022

Celebrating procurement across the UK at the UK National GO Awards.

May 25th saw the procurement community from across the UK come together to celebrate the achievements they have realised over the past year at the National GO Awards.

The well-established GO Awards bring together the best procurement has to offer, for a night of recognition and celebration of the people and teams who make it happen.

Celebrating procurement across the UK at the UK National GO Awards.

These Awards celebrate people and teams from across the entire UK, with many of our finalists previously successful in the GO Awards Northern Ireland, Wales or Scotland.

It was not just all about procurement, as our guests were entertained by the mind-bending Graham P Jolley!

Procurement in the spotlight

The profile of public procurement has never been higher. This is an area of massive strategic and operational importance with influence over billions of pounds of public money and many millions of lives. Recent events have underlined just how critical it is.

Celebrating procurement across the UK at the UK National GO Awards.

This year’s nominations included some amazing, transformative projects, as well as responses to the pandemic. In their deliberations, the judges commented how impressed they were with the calibre of projects that had been nominated and what a difficult time they had deciding on the winners – which was confirmed by the number of Highly Commended awards that were presented on the night.

Judges for the Awards boasted a huge amount of procurement experience from across the UK and the entire public sector: Preeya Bailey, John Coyne, Nick Ford, Ying Han, Tracy Harrison, Alison Lisett, Jane Lynch, Eddie Regan, Steven Sinclair, Grahame Steed and Keri Wilkins.

EXCEL-lent nominations

With 14 awards categories, and a final award presented to the overall winner, it was a packed night for procurement. The categories were closely contested, and the overall winner showed just what a difference procurement can make to society.

The overall winner of the GO Excellence Award was Scotland Excel for its New Build Residential Construction project, which so far has created 2800 affordable homes across Scotland

Having consulted extensively with local authorities and the market, Scotland Excel established a framework agreement that constituted an efficient, comprehensive and quick route to market for buyers.

In addition, the winning project focused not only on social value but on environmental sustainability ‒ including energy efficiency and offsite construction ‒ to enable framework users to procure gold and silver standard homes, all at an affordable price.

Partners have received an approximately 300% return on investment and the project has exceeded its savings target by 40% ‒ so affordable, green and a creator of savings. A thoroughly deserved winner!

A full list of winners can be found here.

Valuable support

BiP Solutions is the event organiser. For 38 years we have been part of public procurement’s incredible success story: and since 2002 we have been measuring its evolution as a profession and public service through the GO Awards programme.

Headline sponsor for the evening was London Construction Programme, with category sponsorship coming from: Centrica Business Solutions, Commercial Services Group, Delta eSourcing, EDF Energy, Greenham, ISS, Lyreco, Service Graphics and Tracker.

Inspiring examples

Simon Tse, Chief Executive ‒ Crown Commercial Service, commented on the Awards:

The importance of public sector procurement has been in the spotlight during this crisis. I have seen some inspiring examples of innovation, speed of action and dedication. Each year the GO Awards feature yet more remarkable features of customer service, collaboration and creativity. As always at this event, we will celebrate and share what we have learned.”

Stand with Ukraine

The night was not all about celebration. Standing with Ukraine, BiP Solutions held a raffle in aid of the DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal. With some amazing prizes on offer, including: a Tyson Fury boxing glove, kindly donated by BiP Solutions, two bottles of champagne donated by the NEC, an overnight stay at the Hilton and three Executive Club tickets for Manchester United, the raffle and donations throughout the night raised an amazing £3250.

Thanks to all the attendees who contributed to the fund.

We’re delighted to announce the launch of GO Awards Scotland 2022/23, alongside an exciting new website, we've also launched our 22/23 categories.

Join the winners at this year’s Go Awards, Scotland nominations have opened!

Send in your entry here.

Scotland Awards are GO!

We’re delighted to announce the launch of GO Awards Scotland 2022/23.

Alongside an exciting new website, we’ve also launched our 22/23 categories – bringing new opportunities to enter the Awards and have your procurement exercise recognised amongst some of the best public and private sector projects.

Make sure you register to enter today to ensure you are the first to receive updates and exclusive registrant benefits!

Due to be hosted on 27 October 2022 at Crowne Plaza, Glasgow, the GO Awards are Scotland’s leading public procurement excellence awards, celebrating the very best procurement achievements from across Scotland’s public, private and third sector organisations.

Register to enter today

We’re delighted to announce the launch of GO Awards Scotland 2022/23, alongside an exciting new website, we've also launched our 22/23 categories.

The GO Awards Scotland – supported by the Scottish Government – recognise the achievement and successes of all involved in the delivery of Scottish public sector services – whether from the public, private or third sectors. Judged by leading procurement figures from across Scotland and the UK, these are the Awards everyone wants to win.

Register to enter today to ensure you are the first to receive updates on full category details being announced and our brand new, exclusive entry pack!

‏‏”We are absolutely delighted, really surprised and quite emotional! We have a fantastic team and work very collaboratively and we’re all very passionate about procurement. It’s such a privilege to win.”  2021/22 Winner Glasgow City Council

Showcase innovation

The GO Awards Scotland 2022/23 are a unique opportunity for organisations from the public, private and third sector to showcase the innovations, initiatives and advancements that make Scotland a world leader in smart and effective public procurement.

We’re delighted to announce the launch of GO Awards Scotland 2022/23, alongside an exciting new website, we've also launched our 22/23 categories.

This year several new categories have been added to the list, reflecting the diversity of procurement across Scotland’s public sector. Take this opportunity to ‘step out of the back office’ and into the spotlight by entering the GO Awards and ensuring that your procurement success story is told!

Motivate your team and gain recognition

There is no better way to inspire your team than by attending the GO Awards. Learn from other excellent examples of best practice throughout the year and set new goals for the future.

If your organisation has demonstrated outstanding work in procurement, then this is a cause for celebration. The GO Awards offer an evening of showcasing achievements to industry leaders and your procurement peers alike.

“The team will be absolutely delighted! There’s been a lot of hard work put into everything over the last couple of years so absolutely delighted to be recognised for this” 2021/22 Winner Aberdeen City Council, Aberdeenshire Council, NHS Grampian & NEOS Networks

Make a real difference

The GO Awards showcase the valuable work organisations do and how procurement is making a difference for everyone. Sharing your experiences, journey and lessons learned will help shape the future of procurement for all.

“‏‏‎It shows what the public and private sector can do when they come together and it now gives us the benefit of having proved a concept and we can now go forward and apply this to other areas” 2021/22 Winner Sykes Global Services Limited, part of the Sitel Group, & NHS National Services Scotland

New Categories for 2022/23

New categories have been launched for the coming year, keeping in line with the ever-evolving procurement landscape.

We’re delighted to announce the launch of GO Awards Scotland 2022/23, alongside an exciting new website, we've also launched our 22/23 categories.

This year several new categories open to public, private and third sector organisations have been added to the list, reflecting the diversity of procurement across Scotland’s public sector. Take this opportunity to ‘step out of the back office’ and into the spotlight by entering the GO Awards and ensuring that your procurement success story is told!

The new awards in particular highlight the moves in procurement to improve the environment, social value initiatives and collaboration.

The new categories are:

  • Best Net Zero Initiative Award
  • Contract and Supplier Management Award
  • Supply Chain Diversity Award
  • Collaborative Procurement Initiative Award

Full overviews and questions will be released next week.

Get involved

The GO Awards are your unique opportunity to celebrate procurement excellence and network with the most influential buyers and suppliers from the UK’s public sector procurement community.

The GO Awards present you with a chance to showcase your brand in front of the most influential public sector buyers across all areas of the public sector including local and central government, healthcare, education, housing and emergency services – providing a high-value opportunity to create or develop the relationships that matter most to your organisation.

We’re delighted to announce the launch of GO Awards Scotland 2022/23, alongside an exciting new website, we've also launched our 22/23 categories.

Register to enter now to be the first to receive updates on full category details being announced!

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