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Explore our brands dedicated to helping businesses of all sizes below.

A full range of cutting-edge solutions that help suppliers find, bid for and win public and private sector business. Over 250,000 private sector businesses in the UK alone, including 20% of companies listed on the FTSE 100 Index, rely on BiP’s expertise to help them grow. Explore our brands dedicated to helping businesses of all sizes below:

Health Contracts International

HCI is the only business intelligence solution dedicated to the UK, European and Global healthcare market. It’s the first of BiP’s new generation of intelligence and insight services, leveraging artificial intelligence and fully customisable dashboards to surface more relevant opportunities faster.

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Tracker Intelligence

Tracker is the only business intelligence solution delivering public and private contract opportunities and awards, market intelligence, spend analysis and market leads online at the click of a button. Stay one step ahead of your competitors and get personalised support to grow your business with Tracker.

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Defence Contracts International (DCI)

DCI is the world’s leading global defence business intelligence solution. DCI provides precision market intelligence and contract insight that allows businesses to unleash their potential across defence, security, emergency services and related sectors.

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Supply2Gov Tenders

Supply2Gov Tenders is the only tender alerts service dedicated to providing all the public sector procurement opportunities and support that micro and small businesses need in a single solution. Supply2Gov Tenders offers flexibility, allowing you the freedom to pick and mix the tender plans that are right for you.

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Supply2Defence is perfect for those new to tendering. Supply2Defence’s dedicated research team finds the latest opportunities from more than 3,000 sources, including low-value tenders that don’t appear in the OJEU, publishing more contracts and awards than anywhere else!

Supply2Defence provides free access to all UK MOD and blue light notices and awards as standard.

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CompeteFor is where businesses can compete for contract opportunities linked to major capital infrastructure projects like Crossrail or High Speed 2.

Supported by London’s leading business organisations including Transport for London and the London Business Network, CompeteFor opens up the entire supply chain to all businesses.

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