CPV Codes

CPV (Common Procurement Vocabulary) codes have been developed by the European Union specifically for public procurement. Their main purpose is to help procurement personnel to classify their contract notices consistently and correctly and to help suppliers find the notices which are of interest to them by using a standardised vocabulary.

Search by keyword

  • Enter your search term. The tool will begin to match against CPV codes as you type.
  • Results appear in the selection box under your keyword. To view the position of a search result within the CPV hierarchy, click on that search result.
  • Use the "Whole words only" option if you wish to exclude partial matches. e.g. to match jam but not pyjamas.
  • You can also enter numeric CPV codes to quickly find their position within the hierarchy. For example, type 3431 to go directly to Engine and engine parts.

Browse CPV hiearchy

  • The hierarchy view is based on a tree structure.
  • Click on the text of a code to view sub categories.
  • Click on "TOP" to return to the top of the hierarchy.
  • By selecting a higher-level code, you automatically select all codes that lie below it. A red bar indicates that the higher–level group has at least one sub category

Search by keyword

Browse CPV hierarchy

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