BiP One Recognition – Q3 Outstanding Performance Award

Our third and final winner of the Q3 BiP Recognition Awards was, Asman Hussain, who won the Outstanding Performance Award.

Let’s hear from Asman’s line manager Simon Inman:

“Asman joined BiP in December and within his first week we experienced a network outage, during the incident, Asman was a beacon of calm and light. Still fresh to the business, Asman showed outstanding and unflappable support from the start and was able to hit the ground running and support to get us back online.”

Congratulations Azi!

BiP One Recognition – Q3 Values Award

Our second winner of the BiP ONE Recognition Awards for Q3 was Isobel Wright, who was the winner of our Values Award.

Isobel’s line manager Chris Logue had a few words to say on her success:

“Izzy has really stepped up the last few months within credit control and exceeded all targets. She has done so in a professional manner and is always on hand to assist others in the team. Over the last few months, Izzy has started working from an updated system with new features and has been testing every aspect to make sure when we change over it will be done seamlessly and smoothly. This has been a big ask but Izzy has done a brilliant job. The amount of time this will save the team is invaluable and again underlines the fact Izzy always demonstrates BiP’s core values.”

Well done Isobel!

BiP One Recognition – Q3 Sales Excellence Award

At our BiP One Recognition Awards last week, we are delighted to announce that the winner of the Sales Excellence Award for Q3 is Elizabeth Anderson

To shout about Liz’s success, lets hear from the Head of Exhibition Sales, Gus MacKenzie:

“Liz was nominated for this award for a number of reasons. Crucially she achieved her quarterly target in style with a record breaking performance, in so doing achieving each individual monthly target. Her contribution to our Record Team result in January was excellent. During the period Liz secured three headline sponsorship deals for our forthcoming events, as well as being successful in taking BiP’s wider product portfolio to the market. A well-deserved result which now puts Liz within touching distance of her annual revenue target for 22/23.”

Well done Liz!!

Q3 Social Night!

As part of our BiP ONE programme it was great to hold our Quarterly social event for our Glasgow based colleagues at Bucks Bar last Friday evening!

Thank you to Michael Bergson and his team for looking after us so well throughout the evening, the evidence below looks like everyone had a great time!

Next up is the social event for our Manchester based teams taking place on Tuesday of next week!

BiP One Recognition – Q2 Values Award

The final winner of our Q2 Awards was Robert Atherton, who was the worthy winner of the Values Award.

Here is a little bit from Rob’s line manager Grahame Steed

“Rob is a highly deserving recipient of the Values award. He exemplifies our values with his consistently high level of professionalism and openness – whether dealing with external clients or colleagues. He is always willing to embrace change and try new approaches. He is also an excellent content creator who supports his colleagues and strives to deliver outstanding results. Anyone that works with Rob has only positive things to say about their experience, so it’s great to see this recognised.”

Well done Rob!!

BiP One Recognition – Q2 Outstanding Performance Award

Our second winner of the BiP ONE Recognition Awards for Q2 was our lovely Event Coordinator Mhairi MacNeil who won the Outstanding Performance Award.

Mhairi’s line manager Laura Aitkenhead had a few words to say…

“Mhairi moved into a new role in the events team only three weeks before the start of our event season in Q2. The job and skill set are very different to her previous role, however Mhairi jumped straight in and picked up the GO Awards Scotland and Wales, showing a passion for these projects, and a commitment to making them the best events possible. She worked with stakeholders across the business to ensure all requirements were met, showing after only a short space of time, a clear understanding of the key aspects of this new role. Mhairi really stepped up to the mark and I’m delighted to have her as Co-Ordinator in the Events Team”

Congratulations Mhairi!

BiP One Recognition – Q2 Sales Excellence Award

At our BiP One Recognition Awards for Q2, we are delighted to announce that the winner of the Sales Excellence Award was Dawn MacTaggart.

Lets hear from Dawn’s line manager Alan McMenemy who is the Head of Sales here in Glasgow…

“Dawn was nominated for this award for many reasons. First and foremost, she’s hit her quarterly target, and hit target for each individual month as well. She also navigated her way around a two-week break in the middle of the quarter and managed her own pipeline effectively to allow for this. Dawn has also been an early adopter of our new BI product suite, and got the first HCI, Tracker-Pro and Contact Data sales. She’s been able to do this by fully investing and immersing herself in the product. Dawn also led the line at P4H and Procurex Scotland, and delivered keynote speeches at both. Last, but not least, Dawn has been really open to coaching and adapting her style to GAP methodology over the past three months. An outstanding nomination for, and worthy winner of, our Q2 Sales Recognition Award.”

Well done Dawn!! Very well deserved.

BiP One Recognition – Q1 Outstanding Performance Award

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The final award category of our BiP ONE Q1 Recognition Awards was for the Outstanding Performance Award. We had a great group of Finalists with representation across all areas of the business with the winner being Colin Stewart, our Sales & Product Trainer.

Here’s a snapshot from our Head of Sales, Alan McMenemy on the huge contribution Colin delivered in Q1…

“I can think of no worthier winner of this award than Colin. This guy simply embodies everything… a selfless approach, always willing to help others, takes a conscientious and proactive approach to self-improvement, and at all times has a positive and friendly demeanor.

In his first full quarter in his new role, from the ground-up, Colin created a brand-new bespoke training program covering industry insight, sales process, and product. He engaged with key stakeholders throughout the business to ensure our first intake of new team members were exposed to all areas of our operation.

It was no surprise at all to see the three new lads we brought on-board: Ciaran, David, and James, all graduate training with flying colours. Transitioning into their incubation period, Colin then spent an intensive four-weeks, side-by-side coaching to ensure all three candidates stood the best possible chance of success before they moved into their sales team”

BiP One Recognition – Q1 Values Award

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Continuing the celebration of our BiP ONE Recognition for Q1, we want to shout out Courtney McCusker as the winner of our Values Award.

Courtney has had a huge impact since joining us back in March, and has made been central to a lot of the activities during Q1 as we continue to invest into the development of our people and culture.

Her role sees her working with stakeholders across the company and she does so with constant professionalism but also real personality.   Courtney is a great ambassador of our core values and a genuine pleasure to work alongside.

BiP One Recognition – Q1 Sales Excellence Award

No alternative text description for this imageAt our BiP ONE Recognition Quarterly Awards, we were delighted to announce the winner of our Sales Excellence category was Colin Masia.

To shout about Colin’s success, here is a little bit from his line manager John Dennett Customer Success Team Manager.

“Last quarter Colin was nothing short of a selling machine, finishing up well over 150% to target, delivered across 27 sales. This really isn’t anything new for Colin as he is consistently one of the top performers on the sales floor each month. His attitude and hard work within his role is demonstrated with his results, which continues into this month where he is already sitting on 218% against target.

I think it is also worth highlighting his July performance specifically, where he delivered a phenomenal number. Colin’s not a one trick pony, with his sales over the last quarter covering the full product portfolio.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Colin for all his hard work over the last quarter and congratulate him for I’m sure what we can all agree is a deserved winner of this award.”

Well done Colin!!

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