The ‘Consultative Sales Person’

Posted On: 23rd August 2017

You’ll see and hear it a lot in job adverts….”looking for consultative sales people”.  We talk about it in our adverts but really, what does it actually mean?!

For us, it is about having the opportunity to engage with true sales professionals; those individuals who demonstrate an absolute understanding of the sales process but instead of being prescriptive in how they apply it will use a structure to shape the discussions with the customer.  Whilst there is an absolute need to follow a structure, let’s be clear…we also want to embrace the individuality of our sales professionals.

We don’t want to create clones or anything vulgar like that.  Instead, we expect you to be business savvy and for you to showcase your creativity and ability to find solutions to our customers challenges.

For us, it is about bringing people into our business that will immerse themselves in our products, and really take the time to understand its true value.  We use a phrase a lot in BiP, ‘it’s about selling, not telling’.

Sound like you?  Please contact our recruitment team on 0141 270 7606 for an informal discussion.  For existing opportunities that exist within the BiP Group, please visit http://www.bipsolutions.com/careers/

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