BiP’s Performance Culture

Posted On: 31st August 2017

Our Performance Culture

Like most organisations, we want to create a culture of high performance.  Unlike a lot of organisations,  we are committed to taking appropriate action to get there.  We know there is no silver bullet and it requires continuous improvement…but we are trying.

We haven’t always got it right.  The feedback we received from our sales colleagues was that our commission structures were too complex and didn’t recognise or reward high performance.  So we changed it to do just that.  We simplified the structures and ensured transparency and understanding.  Most importantly, we redesigned the structure to absolutely reward high performance.  The new structure doesn’t benefit the sales professional who constantly strives for 75% of target.  Nor do we want it to.  What it has done, however, is significantly increase the earning potential of our top performers.

One thing you will never hear from us is ‘but that’s the way we have always done it!’  We embrace change and have the benefit to react and change rapidly.

We also have a data-driven mindset.  We don’t rely on ‘gut feelings’ and instead work from actual data insights to drive future performance.  We use this insight to best direct our sales coaching.  This is core to the delivery of successful and scalable operation.  We believe we have made positive strides in this area of late and are proud of the results it has heralded…but we know we can and must do more.

Sound like something you want to be part of?  Please contact our recruitment team on 0141 270 7606 for an informal discussion.  For existing opportunities that exist within the BiP Group, please visit http://www.bipsolutions.com/careers/

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