Announcing the launch of Delta V5.8

Posted On: 12th October 2015

Delta guys at HCSA

Announcing the launch of Delta V5.8

BiP Solutions (BiP) is delighted to announce the launch of Delta V5.8, the latest release of Delta eSourcing – the EU-compliant, robust, secure e-procurement service for public sector organisations. BiP works on continuous investment and improvement to the Delta eSourcing platform, and so it is with great pleasure that we release Delta V5.8.

This latest release of Delta eSourcing contains new features and enhancements to the service, which will further improve the experience of the organisations that rely on Delta every day for all their procurement needs.

The Delta team pride themselves on being responsive to customer needs and the ever-changing requirements of the marketplace. Among its new features, Delta V5.8 benefits from value tracking of contracts, which is now available in Contract Manager’s Contract Register. This will assist buyers in complying with Regulation 68 of the Public Procurement Regulations 2015, “Life-Cycle Costing”, which states that buyers must take into consideration the entire life-cycle cost rather than initial costs only.

The new Contract Change Control module of the Contract Manager can be directly linked to the Contract Register, allowing the creation and management of amendments and variation to contracts. The tool allows for the recording of any change to the contract with special focus on any price amendments to manage the whole-life cost/spend of the project. A simple and intuitive interface allows the user to create a new record for each amendment and record the key information of the contract change including attaching any supporting documentation against each variation or amendment.

In addition, a Workspace Manager has been created where buyers can view all of their Projects and Collaborations in one place. Within Workspace Manager, new projects and new collaborations can be created.

A series of training webinars is planned to ensure public sector organisations can make the most of the new benefits available within the service. Over 300 public sector organisations spanning all sectors entrust their e-procurement services to Delta eSourcing in the UK and globally, publishing over 6100 notices and generating over 2100 supplier bids in the past year alone.

Delta has built a reputation for developing cutting-edge solutions, which offer users intuitive design underpinned by superior customer service and these latest developments are expected to further enhance that reputation.

For further information, please contact:

Delta eSourcing Helpdesk
Tel: 0845 270 7050
BiP Solutions Limited
Medius, 60 Pacific Quay, Glasgow G51 1DZ

Notes to Editors:

Delta eSourcing is used by over 300 public sector organisations actively publishing high and low value contracts and conducting tens of thousands of tender exercises. It forms the foundation for a range of buyer portals and supply chain development services.

Delta eSourcing is backed by BiP Solutions (BiP), a leading provider of procurement solutions for over 30 years. BiP supports procurement, supply chain and supplier engagement optimisation programmes for clients across the public and private sectors in the UK and beyond. BiP is an established authority on all aspects of public procurement, and advises thousands of organisations in the UK and across the world on how to achieve best practice in this complex and often changing environment. Find out more at www.delta-esourcing.com.

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