BiP to supply African Union Commission e-procurement study

Posted On: 18th November 2015

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BiP has won an African Union Commission (AUC) contract to undertake a feasibility study for the implementation of e-procurement across the African Union.

The opportunity arose when the World Bank gave AUC a grant to implement the ‘Support for Capacity Development of the African Union Commission and other African Union Organs Project’.

To support this project, the AUC sought to modernise its procurement system and complete a feasibility study on the implementation of e-procurement.

E-procurement being one of BiP’s specialist fields, the company entered into international competition for the bid, and won by demonstrating its expertise.

To fulfil this contract, BiP will study the AUC’s existing procurement processes and identify the infrastructural requirements for the implementation of e-procurement. It will also undertake a cost/benefit analysis comparing service delivery options for the implementation of e-procurement; do a risk analysis; propose a workable risk mitigation plan; and outline the financial and human resources required for the AUC to implement e-procurement.

This will be delivered mainly at BiP HQ in Glasgow with in-country missions to AUC HQ in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and to Johannesburg, South Africa for a mission to the African Union Parliament. The project is scheduled to finish by the end of December 2015.

Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) Scott Smith said: “This is another building block of our future as it starts our reputation in the African region and further enhances our international consultancy experience.

“I want to specifically thank the Bid team, with special mention to Stewart Ogilvie for putting together a winning bid and executing the back-stopping effort going forward. Additional thanks to Johan Kerr for managing logistics; Grant Smith for sharing his work on the Lebanon project; and Paul Elliott for the press release.”

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