Vehicle telematics agreement to improve safety and save money for the public sector

Posted On: 4th May 2016

The Crown Commercial Service has launched a vehicle telematics agreement to help the public sector improve fleet safety and efficiency.Government Opportunities

This brand new agreement has been developed to help organisations manage their fleets more effectively by improving safety and efficiency through the use of telematics technology.

Telematics enable fleet managers to monitor things like fuel consumption, vehicle tracking and driver behaviour. This data can then be used to look at ways to make significant cost reductions based on the whole life cost of vehicles.

The agreement was developed in conjunction with police, ambulance, local government and central government customers and features a range of suppliers, all of which are small and medium sized businesses.

The benefits of vehicle telematics for public sector organisations can be significant:

  • vehicle tracking supports the management of risk, driver safety (including two-way communication), work planning and vehicle usage
  • potential reduction of insurance premiums
  • better understanding of driver behaviour can help improve safety by identifying driver training needs
  • reduction in emissions through effective driver behaviour management, fuel consumption efficiency and future vehicle selection
  • aids whole life cost analysis and management by tracking servicing, maintenance and repair costs on vehicles
  • for vehicles which are in private user schemes, telematics can help distinguish between operational and private use to help with expenses and tax returns
  • supports duty of care and regulatory compliance, for example, tracking drivers who drive for long periods of time.

Through the realisation of these benefits we expect public sector organisations to be able to save £3 for every £1 invested.

Find out more about the new agreement and how it can help you improve your fleet safety and efficiency.

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