EEF launches two free guides to help drive manufacturing productivity growth

Posted On: 19th April 2016

EEF, the manufacturers’ organisation, has launched two free guides to help firms drive productivity growth. eeflogo

The move follows research showing that over six in ten UK manufacturers (64%) achieved productivity growth in the past two years, while 57% expect to make further gains in the next two.

The first guide looks at effective workforce planning, which can be a logical next step for companies looking to realise cost and efficiency gains. It identifies typical problems encountered by firms and shows how workforce planning can provide simple and effective solutions. It also provides a useful case study to illustrate how a real-life business unlocked a £95,000 annual saving through a mix of changing working patterns, reducing agency staff and upskilling certain team members.

The second guide looks at the use of Interim HR services to help deliver complex change projects. It provides useful tips on when and why a company might look to use interim HR support. It comes following a recent survey where HR professionals said that managing change is their single biggest challenge (26%).

Leigh Freeman, Senior HR Consultant at EEF, says:

“Companies are driving ahead with plans for productivity growth. These plans can lead to them looking at how best to match working patterns to the demands of their business or to their business undergoing fundamental change. For many, this will be unfamiliar territory, which is why we’re offering these free guides to provide them with some straightforward information and advice.”

The Workforce Planning Guide can be downloaded here and the Interim HR Guide can be found here.

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