BiP Commercial Team builds brands overseas

Posted On: 8th February 2016

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Both the BiP Commercial Bid Team and Supply Chain Team have hit the ground running in the new year. With new announcements of wins in both the UK and the Caribbean during the month, the teams have continued to widen BiP’s access to new markets at home and abroad.

Supply Chain Team

The Supply Chain Team recently won a partnership deal with SIG, a major construction consortium. With Mary Carmichael leading the project, the team will build an SIG-branded microsite as part of CompeteFor.com, and support the SIG group in a supply chain awareness and engagement programme.

As well as this, the team have also been named preferred supplier to support the London Boroughs of Harrow and Brent in a supplier engagement programme.

Bid Team

Expressions of Interest are being formed by the Bid Team on projects in Uzbekistan, Ukraine and Afghanistan.

  • In Afghanistan, the team are considering a project to assist with the set-up of a public procurement training centre.
  • In Ukraine, the team are assessing an EBRD funded project to provide consultancy support in the capacity building of procurement policy and legislation.
  • In Uzbekistan, the team are examining an opportunity funded by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to support eGovernment improvements, including eProcurement policies and procedures.

Global delivery

BiP Commercial staff have been traveling around the world in support of the company’s many ongoing projects. Scott Smith has now completed three trips to Africa as part of the Feasibility Study for eProcurement for the African Union. Mr Smith’ s trips to Ethiopia and Johannesburg have provided the opportunity to meet with and interview many key stakeholders.

Also, Grant Smith and Colin Stewart have been on mission to Beirut as part of the Technical Support for the Modernisation of the Public Procurement in Lebanon project.

Fraser Hastie, meanwhile, attended an eProcurement Forum in Vienna organised by the World Bank and EBRD. The purpose of this event was to bring together eProcurement suppliers to meet with potential buyers from governments and organisations across Europe.

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