Employees confident in BiP Growth Plan

Posted On: 8th February 2016


BiP has collected its Employee Engagement Survey, and with a response rate in excess of 70% the survey has enabled human resources to identify those areas of the business deserving of further development and those deserving of celebration.

Results show that over 80% of employees feel positively engaged with BiP’s strategic business goals, and understand how their role contributes to their success.

Further to that, 81% returned a positive response when asked if they were confident in the company’s plans for achieving future growth.

This is just the start of the insight that will be gleaned from the survey. Human Resources will analyse the full survey results in early February. After this HR will organise follow-up sessions to discuss the results within specific departments. These sessions will provide a platform for staff to review the results within their specific area in more detail.

The survey results will also be discussed by the Operational Board, and a plan will be established on how to use the feedback to positively impact the company’s growth.

Head of Human Resources Alan Mathie said: “It is really encouraging that colleagues are engaged to provide us with their feedback, whether it be to recognise the areas where the business is performing well or to highlight other areas where more development is required.”

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