BiP’s got Talent +

Posted On: 14th July 2016

 Talent picture

Nurturing the expertise of its star employees, BiP is launching the Talent + programme.

Working under the wider banner of the BiP ONE plan, Talent + identifies and develops the skill set of six employees from a cross-section of the business.

The first six employees to engage with the programme are Lindsay Templeman, Scott McKechnie, Noelle Germer, Chris Logue, Paul McIntyre and Ross Holland.

The programme will be delivered across the first and second quarter of this financial year and will combine external training with internal mentoring.

Mentoring will see BiP Operational Board members support Talent + individuals throughout their journey; while external support will be provided through Scottish Enterprise accredited training.

BiP Head of Human Resources Alan Mathie said: “Our ultimate focus is to be able to grow and develop the programme beyond this pilot.  We will therefore be soliciting feedback and conducting a full review at the end of Q2 and, all being well, will be delivering the next group later in the year.

 “If you have any questions on the programme or would like to understand how you could become part of a future group, please speak with your line manager or contact Alan Mathie in the HR department.”

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