BiP branches out with the Forestry Commission

Posted On: 14th July 2016

Forestry Commission

BiP has won a tender to provide an eSales service to the three national forestry services of Scotland, England and Wales.

Developing, costing, proofing, designing and submitting the tender was a process which used expertise from across the whole of BiP. This bid was then presented to the clients during a five-hour meeting.

With the standstill process now over, BiP can proudly announce it has been formally chosen as the supplier.

The Forestry Commission contract presents vast opportunity for BiP – it is scheduled to last five years and to include the delivery of eSales tender bids, auction services (forward selling), eCatalogue / shopping cart services, and integration with the Oracle Financial system.

Delivery of the project will include the creation of two new modules and the integration of Auctions to Delta’s software. These will include eSales Manager (including eAuction) and eCatalogue Manager.

Delta’s development for the contract answers some of its customers’ most requested features, including: creation, management and response to multi-lot tenders; integration of reverse auctions; catalogue functionality; and downstream functions for DPS.

As well as providing a great service to the Forestry Commission, the Delta development will create new sales streams and extends BiP’s intellectual property rights.

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