BiP One Recognition – Q1 Outstanding Performance Award

Posted On: 16th February 2023

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The final award category of our BiP ONE Q1 Recognition Awards was for the Outstanding Performance Award. We had a great group of Finalists with representation across all areas of the business with the winner being Colin Stewart, our Sales & Product Trainer.

Here’s a snapshot from our Head of Sales, Alan McMenemy on the huge contribution Colin delivered in Q1…

“I can think of no worthier winner of this award than Colin. This guy simply embodies everything… a selfless approach, always willing to help others, takes a conscientious and proactive approach to self-improvement, and at all times has a positive and friendly demeanor.

In his first full quarter in his new role, from the ground-up, Colin created a brand-new bespoke training program covering industry insight, sales process, and product. He engaged with key stakeholders throughout the business to ensure our first intake of new team members were exposed to all areas of our operation.

It was no surprise at all to see the three new lads we brought on-board: Ciaran, David, and James, all graduate training with flying colours. Transitioning into their incubation period, Colin then spent an intensive four-weeks, side-by-side coaching to ensure all three candidates stood the best possible chance of success before they moved into their sales team”

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