BiP is proud to announce DCI V5.1

Posted On: 18th April 2016

DCI big

DCI v5.1 has hit the ground running, bringing improved search and profile building options to customers. The search function will now explain – in plain English – the methodology of its work, keeping users in the loop.

These improvements will make it much easier for suppliers to find the opportunities that can build their businesses.

Commenting on the update, DCI Brand Manager Michael Haguinet said: “The recent launch of DCI V5.1 has made it very exciting time to join the team.

“Customers can now access the most relevant leads faster with addition of a new 12-month market lead view and enhanced search functions have made it easier than ever to find relevant opportunities.

“We didn’t stop there – customers now enjoy VIP access to BiP Solutions’ full range of resources and benefits thanks to the introduction of DCI’s Business Growth Programme (BGP).

“I’m extremely confident that these improvements give our customers the best possible chance to succeed in their chosen market and solidify DCI’s position as the market leader in global defence and security intelligence.”

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