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Welcome to the BiP Solutions website

Creating lasting economic and social benefit through the provision of innovative solutions that drive competition in supply chains

Our comprehensive range of products and services are in daily use by thousands of public and private
sector organisations, and we have helped buyers and suppliers achieve their goals for over 25 years.

Our capabilities are in Business Intelligence, eSourcing, Consultancy Services, Training & Development, Conferences & Events, IT Services & Solutions and Marketing Services. Each of these capabilities is supported by our expertise and unrivalled market knowledge, making BiP the natural choice for all shapes and sizes of organisation.

Whether you are a business looking for contracts information or a public sector organisation seeking a more effective approach to managing its supply chain, BiP has the services, support and expertise you need. Get in touch to find out how we can help.

BiP is a values-based organisation, with Passion, Integrity and Respect the principles that guide how we go about our business. We are always seeking to improve, and believe the best way to achieve this is by constantly exceeding our customers' expectations.

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BiP's Capabilities

Business Intelligence – critical information from contract opportunities to market news and analysis

eSourcing – for buyers seeking smart and compliant ways to manage their contracts and supply chains

Consultancy Services – helping all types of organisation increase their opportunities, efficiency and effectiveness

Training & Development – building knowledge, capability and skills for buyers and suppliers

Conferences & Events – from procurement workshops to national conferences and exhibitions

IT Services & Solutions – building the systems that create value and quality in supply chains

Marketing Services – for efficient and effective routes to a £220 billion a year market

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