Whitehall must take ‘bold new action’ to tackle housing shortage, LGA says

Posted On: 26th August 2016

Council chiefs call for ‘bold new action’ to solve the housing crisis in response to recent Government housebuilding figures.Government Opportunities

The Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) estimated there were 36,400 housebuilding starts in England during the last quarter – a 6% increase on a year earlier.

The figures also reveal completions were around 34,920 – 7% higher than the previous quarter and 2% lower than a year ago.

Between June 2015 and June 2016 annual housing starts and completions totalled 144,280 and 139,030 respectively. Starts were up 2% on the previous year and completions were up 6%.

There was also an increase in the number of private enterprise housing starts and completions. The former were 4% higher in the June quarter 2016 than the previous quarter, and the latter were up 3%.

Starts by housing associations were 6% lower compared to the last quarter and completions 29% higher.

Responding to the latest housebuilding statistics, LGA housing spokesman Cllr Martin Tett said:

“Bold new action is needed to solve our housing crisis and a renaissance in house building by councils must be at the heart of this.

We need to be building up to 250,000 a year to tackle our housing crisis. The private sector clearly has an important role to play but these figures only serve to confirm that they cannot build the homes we need on its own, and will likely be further restricted by uncertainties in the months and years ahead.”

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