Views sought on intention to grant a permit for IGas Misson site

Posted On: 9th May 2016

IGas Ltd has applied to the Environment Agency for relevant permits for their proposed shale gas exploration site at Springs Road Misson, Nottinghamshire. As part of this exploration the company plan to carry out the drilling of two boreholes in 2016 to investigate the potential for shale gas.Government Opportunities (GO)

Following the initial consultation earlier this year on the application for a Mining Waste Permit the Environment Agency has now announced that it intends to grant the permit but is providing an additional chance for further evidence to be submitted that could confirm or change this decision.

The Environment Agency is seeking views from the local community and interested groups on the application. The consultation will run until Monday 6 June 2016. The application documents have been placed online for people to view and provide comments.

A spokesperson for the Environment Agency, said:

“We insist that where a permit is required our standards are met and that we have evidence that the process can take place safely. After a thorough assessment of the application, we are confident that the right conditions have been set to ensure that people and the environment are protected.

“On the evidence we have received so far, we will be granting the permit for these two exploratory boreholes. We would also expect that if the site is found to have the potential for shale gas extraction, that there will be more permit applications and consultations in the future”.

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