Unlocking regional growth

Posted On: 27th May 2016

The CBI’s Unlocking Regional Growth campaign continues to push forward with our partnership with McKinsey, exploring how to improve economic performance across the country.CBI

The project is now is undertaking new economic analysis, aiming to ground the regional competitiveness debate in clear economic evidence. The outputs will be practical solutions to improve growth and prosperity across all regions and nations, to improve the UK’s international competitiveness.

The wide-ranging engagement programme has kicked off with the first of three CEO steering group meetings designed to guide the project from a business perspective. Members were particularly interested in emerging analysis on defining true economic geographies. While the analysis will address regional differences in productivity, members were clear in their views that we stay focussed on the solutions and how we can truly make a difference to regional and national prosperity.  CBI regional chairs are also playing a critical role in shaping the project and joined the team for a working session last week.

This member engagement has been supplemented by a separate panel of regional-economic experts to provide challenge and keep the CBI on track from an academic perspective; and we will shortly begin a programme of intensive regional engagement to ensure that that the solutions provided are practical across all UK regions and nations.

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