A spotlight on… Jen Flitcroft

Jen is based in our Salford office, working on sales for Cadence Marketing. She’s been with the company for over seven years, seeing BiP take on the Ingenium brand in 2016 and moving to the Media City office in 2017.

In what capacity did you join BiP? What role did you start in and what role do you have now? 

I joined back in 2015 prior to the BIP acquisition as a BDM. Went off on maternity leave in 2016 and came back to a new company and a new office! I have since progressed through a couple of role changes to become a Senior Account Manager. My role is to seek out organisations that want to increase their reach into the public sector through targeting marketing campaigns, persuade them to have a meeting with me, and show them all the amazing ways we can help them to achieve their business goals 😊

What takes up the most amount of time in your day-to-day?  

It’s a really varied role, which is why I love working here – generating leads, prospecting, onboarding, account management, firefighting – but the majority of time is spent cold-calling and holding meetings with new prospects.

Are there any changes or initiatives you’d like to implement into BiP?  

I’d actually love a ‘bring your kid to work day’ as I’d love my little boy to spend a day seeing what Mummy does when she’s not at home! There’s quite a few of us with little ones and it would be lovely to have them all in here together (not sure how Stu McAndrew would feel about that though, ha!).

What are the biggest challenges you have in your role – how could your colleagues help?

Fitting everything into the day! I personally struggle with time management – getting all of my admin done, making enough prospecting calls, ensuring my current clients are happy, lead-sourcing, etc. There have already been quite a few changes to the structure of the Cadence team lately which is taking a lot of the client management and delivery away from us, which massively helps, but I could really use my own admin assistant!

What do you like most about your job?  

I love speaking to so many different people and learning about their businesses, really getting under the skin of what they need and then being able to actually help them, seeing a job well done.

What do you like most about working at BiP?  

I’ve made some great friends here, some lovely long-standing relationships and we’re a very tight-knit team, which makes all the difference on a bad day!

What does a great day at work look like? 

Everyone being in a great mood, a buzz in the air with everyone on the phone, having really good conversations with new prospects, getting them excited about what we do, and of course, closing some nice big deals!

Do you have any unusual hobbies?  

Not necessarily unusual, though possibly a bit ridiculous given my age (I’m 41, not 8) but I have a serious and rather expensive Lego habit – (Hey Jen, no judging it’s ages 4 to 99 on the box!) I also sing back-up in a band/duo and I am trying (and failing) to write a book!

Blow your own! … what do you excel at?

Workwise, I think my biggest strength is getting people to talk and open up to me. In my personal life, I’m going to say I think I’m a pretty awesome mum – the best in the world according to my six-year-old!

Quick fire:  

  1. Coffee or tea - tea
  2. Book or film - book
  3. Cat or dog - cat
  4. Hot or cold - cold
  5. Salty or sweet – salty
  6. Tattooed or not - not
  7. Night out or night in – night out
  8. Email or meeting – meeting
  9. Teams calls: video call or audio? video
  10. Eating: al-desko, break room or break out altogether - prefer the pub, but it’s al-desko usually!
  11. Mountain or beach – mountain (sand gets everywhere!)

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