Syria conference: Sajid Javid to lead UK Business Task Force

Posted On: 5th February 2016

Business Secretary Sajid Javid will chair a task force bringing together leading British businesses to increase British and international business activity in the region and generate hundreds of thousands of job opportunities – for Syrian refugees and for the communities hosting them in the Middle East.

Working with other governments in the region, the taskforce will focus on how to create the right conditions for the private sector in the Middle East to thrive and to encourage growth. Stronger economies and growth will create jobs and opportunities for those displaced in the region due to conflict. The UK government will also provide greater access to the European market for Middle Eastern businesses.business_4846000XSml

The taskforce will be looking at areas such as advising the regional governments on business environment, workforce and sector-specific issues which will help encourage investment and create new jobs.

The Business Secretary will be inviting UK and international businesses, from across a range of sectors, that have demonstrated an interest in investing in future business opportunities in the region. Membership will be flexible to ensure a broad range of company expertise that remains relevant and adaptable to emerging business opportunities.

Business Secretary Sajid Javid said:

“Having recently taken a business delegation to Jordan to explore what opportunities and investments they could share with the country, I know the benefits the private sector can bring in.

“I will be inviting members of the business community to join me in working out the best route to prosperity for the entire region and setting an economic course to prosperity.”

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