Strategic Transport Apprenticeship Taskforce to boost apprenticeships

Posted On: 15th April 2016

The STAT was launched on 15 April 2016, as an employer-led group to help the transport sector address skills challenges and take forward the government’s commitment to treble the number of apprenticeships in the transport sector by 2020.Government Opportunities

STAT members will today meet for the first time with stakeholders to share best practice and discuss priorities for the group. Work could include collaborating to support the development and uptake of quality transport apprenticeships in client organisations and through the supply chain.

The task force will also be actively encouraging young people and mid-career changers and returners to consider a rewarding career in transport, dispelling the outdated stereotype that work in the sector necessarily means men in hard hats and hi-vis, and highlighting the full range of cutting edge roles that will appeal to a diversity of people. Its work will support the Institute for Apprenticeships, to ensure consistency with other sectors.

The department committed to the task force in its Transport infrastructure skills strategy, published in January 2016, which set out how we plan to create 30,000 apprenticeships in the transport sector by 2020. The strategy also set an ambition for 20% of new entrants to engineering and technical apprenticeships in the transport sector to be women by 2020, and a 20% increase in the number of black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) candidates undertaking apprenticeships by the same period.

STAT will play an important role delivering this strategy, helping to ensure that the government’s record investment in transport infrastructure translates into jobs, skills and apprenticeships for young people. It will also mean we get the next generation of transport engineers we need to build, maintain and operate large and complex transport systems such as HS2.

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Transport Minister Lord Ahmad said:

“I have seen for myself the enthusiasm in young people for planes, trains and automobiles, and I am determined that the government’s record investment in transport helps transform childhood fascinations into lifelong careers.

“Transport these days is about computers in laboratories as much as cranes in landfill sites. That is why STAT will help inspire and enable people from all walks of life to choose transport, and ensure we have the diverse and skilled workforce we need to deliver our ambitious agenda.”


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