Statement by the Welsh First Minister: EU Referendum result

Posted On: 27th June 2016

The First Minister of Wales has responded to the result of the referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union.Carwyn Jones

First Minister Carwyn Jones said:

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“The country has taken a fundamental decision. I am deeply disappointed with the result.

“This was a referendum I was never convinced we should have – not because I object to the democratic decision taken today – but because of its timing so soon after elections and I always feared that the debate would never really be about the EU.

“This argument has not been one that represents a great advert for our political discourse in Britain.

“But, a decision has been taken. And we must respect that.

“Just last month I was elected First Minister and the head of the Welsh Government – I promised then, and I repeat today, I will be the First Minister for the whole of Wales. No matter how you voted yesterday, no matter how you voted in May, this Welsh Government will fight for your interests.

“Now is the time for Wales to unite and to think clearly about our future. Even before yesterday’s vote I said that no one party had the monopoly on good ideas, and now more than ever, we must rely on the abilities of all.

“I have spoken to the First Minister of Scotland this morning. The Prime Minister has already said that Wales should be fully involved in negotiations on the terms of UK withdrawal and our future relationship with Europe – and I’ll be holding the UK Government to that.

“We will have a meeting of the Cabinet on Monday.

“My urgent priority is to protect the interests of Wales. The Welsh Government has 6 key priorities arising from these changed circumstances.”

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