Statement by the First Minister: EU referendum Cabinet meeting

Posted On: 28th June 2016

The First Minister of Wales has issued a statement following a meeting of the Welsh Cabinet to discuss the outcome of the EU referendum.EU

For the full statement, visit here.

Carwyn Jones said:

“The Welsh Cabinet met today in order to agree our response to the EU referendum result, and the short, medium and long-term strategic actions arising from it.

“Ministers agreed that the interests of Wales and its people would be front and centre in our strategy, in particular given the unprecedented political turmoil and the ongoing uncertainties stemming from it.

“There is a cross-government resolve to use every lever at our disposal to ensure that Welsh jobs and communities are protected  as much as possible through what may be difficult times ahead, and to work together to get the best deal for Wales.

“One of the most immediate concerns facing us as a government is the future of around half a billion pounds a year which Wales currently receives from the EU to support our farming industry and to bring greater prosperity to some of our most deprived communities.

“During the referendum campaign, the Leave side made cast iron promises that this money would continue to come to Wales in the event of a vote to leave the EU. I have today written to the Prime Minister asking him to confirm that every penny of this funding is safe.

“We require this funding assurance immediately, as there are hundreds of vital EU-funded projects right across Wales whose future is now in the balance unless that funding guarantee is given. Let me be absolutely clear. These projects are designed to improve people’s lives, their environment and the infrastructure they rely on every day, and we are proud of what they have already delivered. But if that pledge is not honoured by the UK Government, it will have a devastating effect on our budgets, already stretched through years of austerity, and facing billions more in cuts as a result. It will make the difficult decisions we already face even harder. So it is critical there is a positive response to my letter, and I will make it public as soon as receive it.”

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