Public Sector Procurement Trends Update (7th – 13th February)

Posted On: 18th February 2022

This week’s Public Sector Procurement Trends report, produced in association with Tracker Intelligence, has been released.

The report provides an update on activities between 7th – 13th February and shows that 38% of contracts were for less than £100,000 – clearly indicating a continued opportunity for SMEs throughout the public sector.

Other key highlights this week include:

  • Local Government is once again the most active sector, followed by Health & Education
  • 2196 contract notices were published this week, a 1% decrease from the previous week
  • 980 different buying authorities published contract notices this week

The report also shows the top three highest value awards published this week and those awarded to more than 1,300 suppliers; contract volume broken down by sector; and top buyers by contract volume.

The report can be viewed in full here

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