Public Sector Procurement Trends Update (25th – 31st Jan)

Posted On: 5th February 2021

This week’s Public Sector Procurement Trends report, produced in association with Cadence Marketing and Tracker Intelligence, has been released.

The report provides an update on activities between the 25th and 31st January and shows that 37% of contracts were for less than £100,000 – clearly indicating a continued opportunity for SMEs throughout the public sector.

Other key highlights this week include:

  • Local Government is once again the most active sector, followed by Central Government and Education
  • Published contract notice values totaled >£19Bn
  • 862 different buying authorities published contract notices this week

The report also shows the top three highest value awards published this week and those awarded to more than 1,100 suppliers; contract volume broken down by sector; and top buyers by contract volume.

The report can be viewed in full here

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