BiP Group’s Reach Expands

Posted On: 5th October 2016


Following BiP Solutions’ acquisition of Pro-Mark Media in April 2015, Pro-Mark  has successfully expanded into the defence sector, as well as building on the company’s long-standing involvement in the construction sector.

Owing to the success of the expansion, Pro-Mark Media is delighted to announce its move to Media City in Manchester, which is home to high-profile organisations such as the BBC and ITV. Although the sales team will be moving to Media City, it will be business as usual at Promark’s Chorley office, which is home to the production team.

In alignment with the exciting move, Pro-Mark Media is looking for New Business Development Managers and Telesales Executives to join its team of media professionals; the company is looking to attract some fresh, driven, talented individuals who have a drive and passion for media sales.

Pro-Mark Media Ltd is one of the UK’s leading digital marketing and communication companies, whose goal is to assist organisations to promote themselves to and connect directly with key decision makers across a range of high-value and influential market sectors, including construction and defence.

General Manager Ian Parker said: “The move is a significant step forward in our plans to expand the business and shows BiP’s intention to be at the forefront of digital media.”

For more information, contact:

Stacey Quinn, Promark Media Brand Marketing Manager

 0141 332 8247


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