New National Infrastructure Delivery Plan gets Britain building

Posted On: 23rd March 2016

A plan that brings together all of the government’s infrastructure priorities over the next five years has been published.Government Opportunities

For the first time, this new National Infrastructure Delivery Plan brings together the government’s plans for this Parliament to support large-scale housing and regeneration, as well as investment in new local schools, hospitals and prisons.

These plans are underpinned by the government’s commitment to invest over £100 billion in infrastructure by 2020-21, together with significant investment by the private sector, to deliver important projects that are vital to grow the economy and improve people’s lives.

More of this investment is now being targeted to bring benefits to the local economy and community. The plan also highlights the government’s commitment to build a Northern Powerhouse, by connecting up the great towns and cities of the North.

The plan incorporates the latest version of the National infrastructure Pipeline which highlights over £425 billion worth of planned investment in over 600 major projects and programmes across the UK to 2020-21 and beyond. In addition the plan sets out £58 billion of public investment for housing and regeneration, education, health and justice.

The government’s infrastructure plans are already making a real difference on the ground. Since 2010 around 3,000 individual infrastructure projects have been completed across the UK including major new road improvements and local transport schemes, improvements to hundreds of rail stations and more than 20GW of new electricity generating capacity. This is in addition to transformational projects such as Crossrail and the Mersey Gateway Bridge that are now well underway.

Speaking at the Institution of Civil Engineers, Commercial Secretary to the Treasury Lord O’Neill said:

“From more modern transport links, to faster broadband, better infrastructure is at the heart of our plans to build a more productive economy and improve people’s everyday lives.

That is why we are stepping up with the private sector to invest in some of this country’s most ambitious projects to create a more secure future for the next generation.

This government is determined, even at a time of global uncertainty, to invest in the long-term projects that will make our economy and our country fit for the future.”

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