Improvements in Cumbria care signal end to regulatory action

Posted On: 21st December 2015

Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust has strengthened its leadership team and improved how it is run, following action taken by Monitor. Meeting_table_Med

The trust, which provides a range of community and mental health service to patients from over 200 sites, has made fundamental changes to the way the organisation is structured giving clinicians more control over how to improve health care services for patients. The trust has ensured that front line staff can easily communicate to senior leadership giving them the opportunity to drive conversations around the quality of patient care.

The trust has also strengthened its clinical leadership by appointing more clinical experts to its senior management team, bringing experience in caring for patients directly into discussions at board level.

The health sector regulator has recognised the improvements made by the trust which meet the requirements of the enforcement action which was in place.

The regulator will continue to review the trust’s performance as part of its usual support given to foundation trusts.

Paul Chandler, Regional Director at Monitor, said:

“We are pleased with the hard work Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust has put in to strengthen its clinical leadership in particular. It is great to see that the board has enabled clinical staff to have greater influence on the way care is provided to patients in Cumbria.

“The trust has significantly improved the way it is run and taken on board the recommendations for strengthening its leadership and governance processes. This is good news for patients in Cumbria, who can be confident that the quality of their care is right at the heart of decisions taken by their local mental health and community healthcare provider.”

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