ICT contract signed for The Highlands Council

Posted On: 22nd September 2016

The Highlands Council has awarded a 7 year ICT Services contract to WIPRO Holdings UK Ltd.Government Opportunities

The Council has procured a cost effective, value for money, corporate Information and Communications Technology (ICT) solution that will deliver excellent operational performance and contribute to the continuous improvement of services.

The contract will deliver a reduction in costs in the region of £11 million over the lifetime of the contract.

A requirement within the contract is to make a significant reduction in the cost of ICT Services, over the lifetime of the contract, as well as delivering a programme of community benefits. Wipro are proposing to have a significant workforce based in the Highlands and it is expected current Fujitsu ICT staff will transfer over to WIPRO as part of the TUPE regulations.

The contract will include the following:

  • Replacement and rationalisation of  managed desktop devices (approx. 17,000 devices) covering Corporate and Curriculum using a mixture of thin clients/laptops/desktops
  • Introduction of approx. 20,000 1:1 devices (e.g. Chromebooks) books within Curriculum estate.
  1. Related projects will also see investment in new and upgraded networks to improve access

Chair of Resources Committee, Cllr Bill Fernie said:

“I am delighted to announce that the Council has awarded this important ICT contract to WIPRO Holdings UK Ltd.

Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is a fundamental enabler in us delivering modern 21st century services and this new contract will support and enable considerable business change and transition within the Council, as well as exciting developments such as computer tablets for pupils.”

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