Introduction to Procurement – Opportunities in 2018

Posted On: 5th December 2017

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While your competitors prepare to wind down for Christmas, you can brush up on your public procurement skills and look for prospects with the backing of a PASS Procurement “Introduction to Procurement” course.

Now that the Autumn budget has been announced, your business can focus its attentions on winning new business. The UK Government wants to work with businesses of all sizes, in all sectors, therefore there is no reason why your business shouldn’t start to look for public procurement opportunities. Why wait? Let’s get started!

Preparing for Tender Opportunities

If you have found an opportunity within the public sector that looks suitable for your business but you are unsure how to tackle it, there are certain steps that are vital when it comes to winning public sector contracts.


One of the best things you can do is prepare and plan. A winning team is key for winning public procurement opportunities. but lack of resources should not put a sole trader off. The most important thing is to take your time to prepare a strong bid.


Creating a timetable at the start of the tender response process will help you to work towards the final deadline date more efficiently. It is important that your tender response is not rushed. If you do not have a proof reader in your team, then make sure that you allocate time to checking your response before it is sent away.


A good tender response takes time, so choose your battles wisely – only apply for opportunities that you realistically could win. Public sector procurement is competitive and you will be judged on both content and presentation. Make sure you have answered all the questions asked before you consider showing how you could innovate or exceed the requirements of the contract. Above all, apply for the opportunities that would be the most valuable to your business and give yourself extra time to spot any silly mistakes that may have slipped through the net.

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How Can BiP Help?

Public procurement opportunities can be extremely lucrative for organisations that want to win more business. If you have not worked with the public sector before, then the BiP Ultimate Guide to Procurement will give you a head start when it comes to winning government contracts.

Introduction to Procurement

After reading the Ultimate Guide to Procurement, the best way for beginners to approach public procurement is by attending an introductory course. Once you understand the procurement journey you will be well on your way to winning new business.

PASS Procurement’s Introduction to Public Procurement is specifically designed for buyers and suppliers, providing a full overview of how the public procurement process works, from start to finish.

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There is only one more date for this course in 2017. However, the PASS Spring schedule 2018 is offering course dates across the UK. You will find all PASS Procurement course dates in our events diary.

The last Introduction to Public Procurement event for 2017 is on 13 December in Glasgow City Centre.

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