FSB challenges all candidates and all parties to back small business

Posted On: 4th May 2016

The UK’s small business owners are going to the polls on the 5th May 2016 to vote in major elections in London, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, as well as local elections in England and Police and Crime Commissioner elections.Government Opportunities

Mike Cherry, National Chairman for the Federation of Small Businesses, said:

“FSB members have engaged with thousands of candidates from all major parties in every nation, region and branch up and down the UK, challenging them to put ‘I back small business’ at the heart of their campaign.

Friday (6 May) will see a whole new set of individuals take up their positions. They will have the power to make positive change in town halls, assemblies and Parliaments across the UK for small firms.

FSB has worked hard to create individual manifestos for Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and London to reflect the diversity of small businesses in each nation and region and their varied needs. We have created a manifesto called ‘Tackling Business Crime’ outlining what small businesses in England and Wales need from Police and Crime Commissioners. We have also contacted candidates standing in local elections throughout England.

It’s now crunch time and we would encourage small firms to vote tomorrow and make sure their voice is heard and reflected in a debate that will no doubt affect their future.

This is an exciting time of change and we want to see newly elected candidates and those serving second terms to champion the UK’s 5.4 million small firms more than ever and make sure they have the right support to continue propelling the UK economy forwards. Small firms need stability, certainty and a comprehensive vision for the future from leaders. We look forward to working with those elected tomorrow and making sure they deliver on their promises for small firms.”

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