Ealing residents can now access even more council services online

Posted On: 22nd February 2016

The next stage in Ealing council’s digital transformation journey has been marked by enabling those who move in and out of the borough to inform the council at any time of day thanks to MyAccount, a digital customer platform provided by fast-growing customer transformation partner Agilisys.

The service was successfully lGovernment Opportunitiesaunched by the Council on the Agilisys Digital platform, which offers citizens self-service access so that they can enjoy a seamless online experience, available to them 24/7.

As the third largest borough in London, which is home to almost 350,000 people and more than 15,000 local businesses, Ealing Council partnered with Agilisys to help improve the customer online experience. Currently 17,000 people who have access to MyAccount will benefit from this enhanced online service.

When an Ealing resident moves house or the circumstances of their household changes, they are required to inform their council. This new online service automatically updates the council tax records, sparing time and effort and helping to ensure a smooth transition during what can be a sometimes complicated process.

To find out more about how you can encourage your citizens to go digital first visit www.agilisys.co.uk or contact the Comms & PR Manager Nicola.hammond@agilisys.co.uk on 07580970410.

Alison Reynolds, Director of Customer Services at Ealing Council, said:

“We are quickly understanding that our local residents expect to access council services in the same way that they access retail or banking services.  By giving our residents their own personal MyAccount they are able to access key council online services in one place and see everything relevant to them in ‘real-time’.  This is a great step forward for both the council and for our residents across the borough who are set to benefit greatly from this new service.”

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