Cities call for voice in Brexit negotiations

Posted On: 19th July 2016

The leaders of ten cities have warned they must have a voice in the negotiations to exit the European Union if they are to close the £66bn ‘productivity gap’.EU

Core Cities UK has written to new prime minister Theresa May warning cities face a productivity gap of £66bn a year compared to the national economic average.

The group urges Ms May to ensure current EU funding spent in cities regions is maintained and for Brexit not to ‘eclipse’ other legislation such as HS2.

The letter from cllr Judith Blake, chair of Core Cities UK and leader of Leeds City Council, said:

“EU funding currently spent across our city regions should remain in our city regions, including for universities which are central to strong labour markets. Establishing a secure trading future with access to the Single Market is fundamental to economic success.

Across the EU and beyond, it is cities that drive growth for their nations, and although other places must be given their chance and share in future growth, if the UK’s biggest cities are not successful then the places around them will struggle even more.”

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