Capital investment in council housing

Posted On: 8th March 2016

More than £3.5m of improvement works to council houses across Dundee could be given the go ahead by councillors next week.Government Opportunities

Tenders for new heating and boiler systems in almost 1000 homes will be discussed by the housing committee.

More than 850 houses in Charleston, Mill o’Mains, Clepington, Craigiebank, Douglas, St Mary’s, Craigie, Coldside and Clement Park will have their heating systems renewed if the tenders are agreed.

Some of the homes, which currently have electric heating, will have that replaced with gas, while those on gas will have updated fuel efficient systems fitted.

If the work is agreed by the committee which meets on Monday (March 14) it will start next month and continue in phases throughout the financial year.

Meanwhile a £500,000 contract to install heating, kitchens and bathrooms has been extended.

The city council’s housing stock met the Scottish Housing Quality Standard (SHQS) in time for the March 31 2015 deadline after a massive cash injection by the council of £157m over more than a decade.

However at that time a number of exceptions were allowed because of disproportionate cost, technical or social reasons.

The SHQS was introduced by the Scottish Government in February 2004 requiring all homes rented from social landlords to be energy efficient, secure and in good order.

John Alexander committee convener said:

“We are making a significant investment in the health and well being of our tenants by ensuring that they have efficient, environmentally friendly heating systems in their homes.

But more than that, this work, which is proposed to go to the council’s environment services construction services division and McGill Electrical, will keep local tradesmen in jobs and earning money which benefits them and the local economy.”

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