BiP Solutions launches Delta V6

Posted On: 29th January 2016

BiP Solutions has announced the launch of Delta V6, the latest release of Delta eSourcing – the EU-compliant, robust, secure e-procurement service for public sector organisations. Government Opportunities

This latest release of Delta eSourcing contains new features and enhancements to the service which will further improve the experience of the organisations that rely on Delta every day for all their procurement needs. The Delta team pride themselves on being responsive to customer needs and the ever-changing requirements of the marketplace. Delta V6 benefits from the new Contract Performance module.

The Contract Performance module is an integrated module within Contract Manager which can directly link to contract records in the Contract Register module. Contract Performance allows the user to create, manage/monitor and record a tailored performance monitoring plan for each contract and each supplier/contractor. Working on the basis of an easy to understand Key Performance Indicator (KPI) builder and an associated plan/reminder/review methodology, the user can execute a clear and measurable Contract Performance programme for each active contract.

A series of training webinars are planned to ensure public sector organisations can make the most of this and the other new benefits available within the Delta service. Over 300 public sector organisations spanning all sectors entrust their e-procurement services to Delta eSourcing in the UK and globally, publishing over 6100 notices and generating over 2100 supplier bids in the past year alone.

Delta eSourcing has built a reputation for developing cutting-edge solutions which offer users intuitive design underpinned by superior customer service and these latest developments to Contract Manager are expected to further enhance that reputation.

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