Access to single market

Posted On: 29th November 2016

UK membership of the Single Market is good for all the British Isles and the Irish Government has a strong ally in Scotland to help secure this important goal, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon will say during an address to business leaders.Nicola Sturgeon

She will address 130 CEOs including representatives from Microsoft, Aer Lingus, Diageo, Accenture,  Ulster Bank and EIR during an event at business organisation Ibec.

The First Minister will stress that the Scottish Government is working hard to make Scotland the best place anywhere in the UK to do business and to increase trade and co-operation with the rest of the world.

Later this week, the Scottish Government’s new Investment and Innovation hub in Dublin will support a trade mission from Scotland. This will bring together 16 companies from a range of sectors to develop awareness of the trading opportunities available in Ireland, offer advice on how to do business in the Irish market and assist contact with buyers.

The First Minister will say:

“The relationship between Scotland and Ireland is better now than it has ever been. The ties between our governments, businesses, cultural organisations, universities and colleges, and our people are closer and stronger than ever.

A hard Brexit is likely to be the most damaging option for trade, jobs and our universities sector. We share the frustrations of the Irish business community about the lack of information we have, and the possibility of a hard Brexit. This is why we are we are determined to do all we can to mitigate the impact of Brexit and persuade the UK Government to retain single market membership. It is my firm belief that this position is in the interests, not just of Scotland, but off all the nations on these Islands. On virtually every issue of substance Ireland has a strong ally in Scotland and I look forward to working together to boost economic growth.”

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