Accelerator Innovation Network Event

Posted On: 31st January 2017

The Defence and Security Accelerator is holding an event in London on 23 February 2017 to provide information on the first Innovation Fund challenge. Government Opportunities

Suppliers attending the event will be able to hear presentations about the Innovation Fund challenge which is aimed at revolutionising the human-information relationship for Defence.

If you cannot attend the event, sign up for our webinar which will take place on 27 February 2017.

The competition is seeking new technologies, processes and ways of working to improve the way we analyse and exploit data. With the relationship between human and information at the centre of war-fighting we need Defence leaders to have access to the right information on critical issues to enable decision making that outpaces our adversaries.

The challenges of this Accelerator competition are to:

  • free up personnel through the application of innovative use of machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence to maintain military advantage
  • allow for the rapid and automated integration of new sensors
  • improve operator cognitive capacity and greater human machine teaming

Up to £6 million is available in total across phase 1 and 2 of this Innovation Fund competition.

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