Who We Are

We provide the fullest set of tools to help buyers and suppliers work together

From services that provide market intelligence to suppliers and systems that support effective tendering, to consultancy services which connect governments, and procurement and training to help you at every stage of the tendering journey, BiP is at the centre of the buyer and supplier relationship.

Our expertise has led more than 5000 public sector clients and 250,000 suppliers in the UK alone to rely on BiP’s brands to help them succeed.

Our Values

Our values are Passion, Integrity and Respect. Together, they shape who we are as a business 

We have a passion for what we do, and are determined always to exceed customer expectations of our products and services through constant innovation. 

We act with integrity, ensuring that our customers always receive a high level of attention and support, no matter how much they spend with us. 

We believe in respect for our customers, our stakeholders and each other – as well as for the environment and the community we are part of.  

Our History

In 1984, BiP Solutions was founded by Ron Burges in a small Glasgow portable cabin, and we’ve come a long, long way since then. Follow our progress and discover the events that have helped shape BiP Solutions to date

Our Locations

Medius, Glasgow

BiP Solutions’ headquarters based at Pacific Quay, Glasgow is home to over 180 staff.

T: 0141 332 8247 e: bip@bipsolutions.com

Pacific House, Salford

Manchester’s Media City is home to two of the BiP Group’s brands, Ingenium and Opus who drive engagement and interaction with key stakeholders across the public and private sector.

Medius Suites Dublin

Medius Suites, Dublin is BiP’s first office located outside the UK. Based at the Park West business complex in Dublin, the office is a testament to our reach in markets across Europe.

Medius Conference Suites

Medius is also home to a state of the art conference suite for up to 100 guests, available to hire.

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