£2.3m for flood protection in Wales announced by First Minister

Posted On: 5th January 2016

Ahead of his visit to flood affected areas in North Wales today, First Minister of Wales Carwyn Jones has said that £2.3 million will be spent to support communities across Wales at risk of flooding.Government Opportunities

The funding, from a UK Government budget consequential, follows a recent announcement from the Treasury for immediate support for homes and businesses affected by floods.

Carwyn Jones said:

“The impacts we’ve seen over the festive period highlights the importance of us continuing to protect communities across the whole of Wales from flooding caused by adverse weather.

This has been an exceptional period of rainfall and although we have seen flooding, our river defences have performed well, protecting thousands of homes.

The additional £2.3 million investment I’m announcing today builds on the £1 million we made available last week to local authorities for immediate repairs and maintenance to ensure homes and properties remain resilient.

It’s important to remember that since 2011 we’ve committed almost £300m, including European funding, to managing flood risk and an additional £150m will be invested in coastal risk management from 2018.”

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