eProcurement & Supply Chain Services

Governments and organisations from around the world have sought out BiP to help them improve their procurement knowledge and internal processes and to build capability and capacity in the professional environment.

From the Governments of Montenegro, Tanzania and Kosovo to worldwide public sector agencies including the European Defence Agency and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), BiP’s reach in the world of procurement is unmatched.

“BiP has had the privilege of working with a range of governments around the world to develop and strengthen their public procurement systems. Experience tells us that a properly regulated, open and transparent public procurement system can be a catalyst for stability and economic development. Working in consortium with other expert organisations, we look forward to helping to build capability and capacity in procurement on a global basis.”

How we help

For more than 30 years, BiP has been training, guiding, mentoring and consulting on change management in all areas of procurement including legislation, organisation, process and IT. Our clients include governments around the world and UK & International public organisations.

We believe that public procurement can bring about economic development and community benefit and we understand the special demands involved in managing public money.

As leaders in the development of public policy through procurement, we champion local and small business participation in procurement and the opening up of the tiered supply chain in large and complex government projects.

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Supply Chain Development

BiP has been promoting supply chain development for major projects since 2008, when CompeteFor was established for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. CompeteFor was revolutionary as it was the first attempt made by any organisation to open up subcontracting and lower value opportunities at all levels of the supply chain to competition by SMEs in real time for the construction and set-up of a major event – and it was a great success.

Since the 2012 Games we have built on the concept by supporting major projects including Crossrail, Thames Tideway Tunnel, SSE Open4Business, and High Speed 2 (HS2). For each of these projects, we have been able to substantially increase SME participation, particularly the number of SMEs bidding for and winning opportunities further down the supply chain, while increasing the capability and capacity of the businesses involved across the UK.

As well as our CompeteFor portal, BiP created a Buyer Engagement Team (BET) to work directly with the tiered suppliers at all levels of the supply chain for major projects to introduce, train and embed the CompeteFor service into their buying and procurement practices.

Case Studies


BiP has been an innovative leader in eProcurement services since the development of its Delta eSourcing suite of eProcurement tools. We have tailored and delivered bespoke eProcurement solutions for multinational organisations and governments across the world including the Government of the Bahamas, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, and the UK MOD. Each project involved different aspects of the procurement process, including national eProcurement systems, fiduciary control in national procurement activities, and opportunity platforms to encourage competition and innovation.

Typically, the delivery of our eProcurement Services involves expert consultants in the specific area of procurement identified liaising with the client to create the optimum solution for each individual project, based on BiP’s 30 years’ experience of public procurement and its expertise in international projects.

Case Studies

Procurement Training and Consultancy

BiP has participated in many procurement training and consultancy projects in the UK and overseas. The main aim of these projects has been to increase the procurement acumen of local public bodies and international governments alike.

Our expertise has helped to support the professionalisation of procurement, and ensure that public officials across the world have the correct and adequate training to deliver best practice procurement.

Our major projects in this field include the planning and creation of a Caribbean Procurement Centre in Kingston, Jamaica. This project was delivered in partnership with the University of Technology, Jamaica and CIPS UK, to provide procurement training to Caribbean nationals at an internationally recognised standard.

Among our other international procurement consultancy projects, we have worked with the Lebanese Government to fully modernise their procurement processes and legislation. This project, spanning a number of years, has supported the Lebanese government in implementing new best-practice legislation to ensure effectiveness and efficiency in the country’s procurement activities.

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