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Tracker V11.1 Puts the Customer First

After the successful deployment of Tracker 11, which saw the Bid Manager tool integrated into the product, BiP has powered on to produce Tracker V11.1.

The update will delight customers by providing one of their most requested changes: better Spend Analysis functionality. This improvement will enhance the usability of the tool by providing cleaner data and faster overall performance.

As well as this, Tracker V11.1 has improved the Mastersearch function, allowing customers to optimise their profile and alert results, meaning faster access to the opportunities that will grow their business.

The user experience has been further enriched by an improvement of Tracker’s Bid Manager function. Bid Manager now includes a multiple folder structure that enables customers to better organise their bid documents, meaning they can spend less time on admin and more time on key projects.

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Julie Shennan
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