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Delta eSourcing Introduces New OJEU Notices

Delta eSourcing, the EU-compliant, robust, secure e-procurement service for public sector organisations, is delighted to announce important changes to its service regarding the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU). In order to bring the Delta service fully into line with the EU Public Procurement Directives 2015, all of the new OJEU regulatory notices have been introduced into Delta.

The Publications Office of the European Union (OPOCE) recently confirmed that they are now able to allow testing of the new notice formats. We are happy to confirm to you that we have implemented these mandatory updated and new OJEU notices. Implementation took place on 23 March 2016 (after 5pm).

A series of training webinars are planned to ensure public sector organisations are familiar with the changes. Over 300 public sector organisations spanning all sectors entrust their e-procurement services to Delta eSourcing in the UK and globally, publishing over 6100 notices and generating over 2100 supplier bids in the past year alone.

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