CPV Code Search


Use this tool to find codes with the new CPV-2007 codeset. You can search by typing keywords, or by browsing the hierarchy. Make a note of any codes that you wish to use elsewhere.


Search by keyword

  • Enter your search term. The tool will begin to match against CPV codes as you type.
  • Results appear in the selection box under your keyword. To view the position of a search result within the CPV hierarchy, click on that search result.
  • Use the "Whole words only" option if you wish to exclude partial matches. e.g. to match jam but not pyjamas.
  • You can also enter numeric CPV codes to quickly find their position within the hierarchy. For example, type 3431 to go directly to Engine and engine parts.

Browse CPV hiearchy

  • The hierarchy view is based on a tree structure.
  • Click on the text of a code to view sub categories.
  • Click on "TOP" to return to the top of the hierarchy.
  • By selecting a higher-level code, you automatically select all codes that lie below it. A red bar indicates that the higher–level group has at least one sub category

Search by keyword

Browse CPV hierarchy

Selected codes:
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