Each month, these reports will focus on a specific area of the public sector, analysing which organisations are responsible for the highest awards values, and which suppliers are winning those awards. Drawing on data from BiP Solutions’ Tracker Market Intelligence tool, home to Europe’s largest database of public sector tenders and awards, BiP Inform Market Monitor details the organisations with the highest awards value during the month in question; the suppliers who have won the most and the largest contracts; the regions of the country that award the most contracts and their total combined value; and more.

BiP Inform

Our monthly BiP Inform Market Monitor series covers contracts awards data, highlighting hotspots of procurement spend and activity across the UK.
Date: 9th December 2019

December Healthcare Market Trends

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Date: 5th November 2019

November Healthcare Market Trends

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Date: 3rd October 2019

October Healthcare Market Trends

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Date: 5th September 2019

September Healthcare Market Trends

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